Company Overview

John F. Dunn & Associates was started in 1996 by John Dunn when he was approached by two individuals wanting him to build their private homes in Lyford Cay.

John had spent over 10 years working in the industry with Cavalier Construction and then at Resorts International after graduation with a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama.

The start of the two homes led to an increase in demand for his work, and the company continued to grow – moving out from specialized homes into commercial work, including several premier business buildings and banks. They also have undertaken extensive renovations, most recently Diamonds International on Bay Street.

With the expansion in work, John F. Dunn & Associates now has 4 project engineers with degrees and experience in Europe and the US, and are fluent in several languages. This diversity of their experience allows us to give a personalized approach to each individual type of property and clientele.

We have a full woodworking studio in house – and an affiliation with both a Landscaping Company and Cabinet Company to make the complete building experience easier.